Sweet alloy Sabliere

Heaps of pics

Sabliere frame. Barra esq. Singer Herse etc. Beautiful. - eBay (item 160526604731 end time Jan-09-11 14:16:11 PST)

although it’s beautiful as it is
i’d love to see that polished

Very nice.

Possibly named after a biscuit ??

Ha! I made those biscuits once. Protip: Don’t use a coarse, grainy salt when making them. It doesn’t dissolve and biting into big chunk of salt in a shortbread tastes kinda off.

Holla when you make 'em again :wink:


Btw, I’m not familiar with the Sabliere frame. Looks very sweet, especially the ovalized tubes near the BB shell. Makes my Vitus look very crude in comparison (which it isn’t). Any info about this marque?

Well, apparently Andre Sabliere looks a lot like you :smiley:
French bike builder Andre Sabliere | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I read somewhere that the bikes at one time were as highly regarded as any of the premier French marques but I don’t know much beyond these two bikes (including one very similar to the eBay auction) from Alexander March’s website:


There’s a bit of info at Classic Rendezvous:
bikelist.org mailing list archives
It seems that both father and son were builders, and both highly regarded. The aluminium frames were the son’s specialty

Ha !! More hair, and I don’t have the plus four’s

thanks for this link, sir. that is beautiful.

It’s on the watch list…should I…? hmm.

i hear 13’s lucky for some…