Sweet Deals on WI/Stans wheels, Melbs

paconi90 | eBay

very good prices.

Can vouch for seller, good dude.

Get these

Sweet deal.

Liam doesn’t need the eno capability, he has track ends. Can swap it out for a straight axle though. But then he’d need new endcaps because it’s 130 not 135. Looks like the old model hub too? No dumb spline for the track cog. Doesn’t say if it’s the new TLR A23s or not.

Iron Cross rims aren’t much chop, much better off getting Alphas or the newer ones, those are the old Olympic extrusion, which, while light, is way too underbuilt and has a 45psi (IIRC) limit, so it’s no good for dual duty on the road. That said, WI hubs are sick as though, so you could ride the wheels into the ground and then relace to some HEDs or something.