This thing is outta control

Pursuit track bike ROSSIN. Time trial frame. 56 cm. Vintage. Fixed gear | eBay

holy shit


needs moar rizors

but why that stem? and new cranks? and prologo seat? i don’t get it, why not period on that shit?

Not a fan of the saddle or the stem, the cranks look great imo. These rossin track frames are beautiful, every last one

turned out baller

Shame it got repainted. looked bloody good with all the scratches.

And it would have been cheaper.

buy it and put period on it?

would give a nut for it, and as thats about all i’ve got spare at the moment i guess i’ll shoot him a msg and we’ll start negaotiating?

+1 or they could of at least done a good job. ruffasgutzzz

I have something very similar… wont be resprayed. Gussets look a lot shallower.

Can I haz?

build that thing! I reckon some polished tb-14s would be sexy on that;)

You can haz a ride.

It only just arrived in my box of belongings from London.

Its actually sitting on the mantlepiece next to some campag pista pedals… which was a massive mistake as now i need to secure stupid funds for the rest of the group.

If you don’t feel up for paying for the rest of the group, you could always sell the frame to me for a large sum of moneys

But period smells when it dries out.

Is no for sell.

…just for willy waving on the internet.