oh well, looks like I’ll have to sell a kidney

how much did you want to sell it for? I need a new beater kidney.

$5000 ONO, I’ll post full specs when the surgery is finished

ahh that’s way out of my price range. I may just get one of the cheap no name Chinese ones. I have heard good reviews.

oh and balki, where did you get the rossin from?

It was advertised on LFGSS by a very new member living up north somewhere so it was a slightly risky transaction. I was living in L-town at the time and decided to take the punt. It spent a year in my storage locker in London, 3 months on a ship and 2 days above the fireplace.

You’re a lucky man, one day I’ll find one. Be sure to post some photos if you build it up!

dibs on the chop and flop bars

hahah love that line

and sweet rossin mate.

Swap you a bridgestone for it hahaha