SWRVE Group order?

Going to buy some shorts for the summer of touring bike (#SOTB)

Shipping for one pair is $40, $50 for two, 4 pairs is only $66, you get the idea. (they are $USD)

Any Melbourne folks want anything?


Let me know.

Watch the sizing. I have 30 shants and 30 cigarettes and they’re drastically different.

can recommend the Milwaukee jacket. reduced to $100USD

In what way, i.e. which is bigger/smaller?

I def aint buying any shants/capri/pedal pushers

When are you planning on doing the order? I’ll try have after my morning meetings.

in a few days.

Not urgent.


Also can there be a general FOA group buy thread? I have another I want to post in a moment…

I reckon start a new thread, I can see it getting confusing if multiple group buys are on the go at the same time. also a new thread is likely to be more noticeable than buried amongst others…

too late, but yeah, see your point, delete that other one please.

Shorts are tighter.

I’m usually a 28-30 but these sz30 cigarettes are snug as.

noted, might get 31’s.

You’re welcome to test fit

^ditto. I have size 31 WWR shorts you can try. Might think about an order too, but that’d break my “no new clothes” rule, which I’ve held since 2012. Except for some bike clothes, and these are bike clothes right?

Might be interested, Mike. Let me peruse the catalogue.

might be interested if i can offload my last srwve order stuff up. Anyone after a 28’’ short? been sitting in my wardrobe in anger for a year.

PM Sent MikeD!

Dang they’re the shorts I want to get but I’m way too fat for 28"

Me too :(. I ordered 2 pairs, twice the anger/regret. fml.
I gave one pair away to a skinny girl, apparently works well higher on the waist despite being for doods.

Got a petit friend foa peeps? buy it for them yo.

Order ordered,

Tom, M@lew, Manatra I’ll pm you the details once I know the total in $AUD.

Hope you used this… Instagram

I did.