I know there have been a couple of posts on these guys, but has anyone recently bought any of their gear?

Specifically their jeans? How do they rate?

other than the uber expensive rapha, (which really more delivers performance roadwear), there seems to be no one really doing streetwear kinda clothes, with bike wear functionality…

There’s also Outlier. http://outlier.cc/

EDIT: The Outlier site just crashed my computer. Bizarre.


outlier stuff seems way over priced for my liking.

Chrome. Ch-ching!

yeah have seen that outlier stuff… How do i put nicely, it seems a little mature. I mean, maybe its an american thing, but Chino’s? Who the fuck wears chinos, let alone rides in em?

Does look like nicely made stuff though.

I have a bunch of swrve stuff. I am traveling from the states by bike and pretty much all my clothes are swrve ie: jeans, wind breaker, hiding hoodie, bamboo t shirt, bamboo henley, cotton cap, and socks. I love all of it! if you order from them tell them brad sent you.

did they finally complete that bridge from the states to aus?

I wish.

I got a ‘hiding hoddie’ in the alleycat a few weeks back…
I love it! Seriously rules so much.

+1 - I have swrve jeans, riding 3/4 pants, hooded riding jacket and a couple of caps. Its all really well made and thought out and quite well priced.

A good company to support owned and run by a couple of nice people who will respond directly to you for any queries.


Bonsch if you don’t wear chinos now, you will in the next year. I can guarantee it.

Hahaha… A bold prediction!

Maybe I will - and pair them with a white linen shirt - cool for summer riding…

I want a decent pair of good fitting chino-esque pants.

Bloody Dickies are too baggy.

maybe outliers are for you then!

they did just come out with a trouser, which is like the dickies but is not as baggy. they have them in cotton and the wwr material.

Is that swrve your talking about?