SYD Alleycat Flyer!!

Thursday 27th March 6pm Registration at Observatory Hill Race at 6.30
Ends at Deus with bbq and beer.
Prizes to be raffled off to all entrants.
Thanks to Sponsors Cycle Underground, Carhart, Deus ex machina, Flying standard, Lovells Lager And Splitrock.
All welcome!

Will still be on if showering, which is due, a little rain never hurt!

Thinking about making the trip down for first alley cat but have no idea of these places. Will I be okay with navigating my way around on my own?

You wont be on your own, they’ll be a few involved so you can ride along with them. Come along it’ll be fun and we’ll organize a map if we have to.,151.209104&spn=0.00866,0.019977&z=16

Meeting place is observatory park on the map. Its basically next to the bridge.
See you there

how did the alleycat go?? i missed it!!! :oops:

pretty good. i didnt come last and i didnt die. success!

the beer and snags at deus at the end was a welcome treat as well.

when’s the next one?

i was totally bummed when i looked at the time that evening after finishing off an assignment.

Keep the posts up about the next. I want in.

I’d like to thank all who attended, everyone who raced and those who didn’t. Was a good time had by all. We ended up having about 25 racers, and no incidents. Thanks Dodds for the input, there were many warnings at the begining of the race to keep it cool ride safe and we tried to promote that by raffling most of the prizes. As for the 10er? for three hours entertainment including prizes, food and as much beer as can you handle in that time I don’t think it’s to much to ask. Special thanks to Dion without your help I would have found this quite hard, Yogi for being old and wise, everyone on checkpoint and the sponsors.
More to come later