SYD Deus Sale

Sydneysiders (specifically the short ones)

Deus’s carpark sale today and tomorrow was clearing out their remaining cache of track fixie stuff.

Good deals on some stuff (some non-descript track frames, NJS at o-k prices)… some odds and ends and $50 wheels of various types.

In particular there were some small track frames for $150, three Cinelli Super Corsa Track’s at $1000 each.

Also an Ortre Columbus Zona CX frame for $300. Size Medium - in their terms thats a ~52 top and seat tube.

Would check it out if you need some odds and ends. Theres a MASH 110mm stem there for $50 too. I’m hoping they’re a bit more lenient to bargaining tomorrow.

Oh - also a 56cm All City Big Block frame for $150, and a lot of various forks for $25.

Thanks for the heads up! Got work tomorrow but will try and check it out, would you happen to know their hours?

They got shut down this morning


Complaint from neighbours, motorcycles make noise apparently you don’t know this when you move in

Fuck people.

Guess its just a matter of time until they move out of Sydney completely which is a shame. But every time they try something new or thats a bit out of the usual, they get kicked ass. Their shop/studio/creative space in Bali is mental and thats where you see where Deus is really coming from. They stopped being cool in Australia long time ago but manage to keep their real spirit high in other locations.

…talking about spirits and keeping them high

Deus was born in Australia, why is this kind of stuff just not happening here?

Yeah I saw that shift to America, was interesting.

missed all of this. wish i knew, would have been their first thing Satdee. I remember when Deus was a tiny tiny little shop on parra road. Before it moved into the new space.

If you dont ride a 53 or smaller there wasn’t much to be had, in all honesty. Some oddball parts in boxes but I was hoping they’d haggle a bit more today - they had no idea on Saturday and tried to ask $50 for a ripped and torn Turbo.

This was on again today. The cinellis didn’t quite look right, columbus ssp but lugs were painted and drilled fork. Black in 56, another black and another white in 54 and 52. Dropouts were cinelli. Not super pistas IMO but some other cinelli

I walked away with a Watanabe for 70% off the tag price

When the structure all changed and it went from Deus Motorcycles, Campbelltown to Deus fashion brand, The World, I think that’s about when they jumped the shark. When it went from a showroom with some TRICK vintage bikes to a showroom full of tarted up ¥50k Jap import busted arse SR400s and TW250s getting bashed out for five figure $AUD sums as a sideline to a shop full of far-east sourced and absurdly overpriced clothing, I think they killed the vibe. But hey, its business!

Its a $10,000,000 turnover, staff of 130 international ‘custom shop’.

FFS who needs a shopping list worth of sponsors to ride klunkers down a firetrail then have a pizza.


Campbelltown/Camperdown, same difference, right?

Just as many crazys / hyperdermic needles in the gutter.

Sorry Camperdown, clearly I’m a long way from Sydney! Where I am Campbelltown is a quaint colonial town in the middle of nowhere.