SYD: Hidden Somec

Cenelli Road Bike | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Manly Area - Fairlight | 1061002523

Decent, but random, mix of componants, a lot of cinelli and colnago decals but with a Somec panto on the seat stay.

Good buying I say, even without the original fork.

agree, sell off parts and should cover the cost, free somec frame.

Nice find Droz I’ve flicked him a message :slight_smile:

I messaged him too but will be leaving for a holiday on Friday, so probably can’t collect if he doesn’t reply.

I also messaged early this morning but no reply

I’m picking it up tonight. Soz folks.

EDIT: Actually couldn’t be bothered. Noticed it only has one brifter, and looks a bit cobbled together, not really worth my time.

If anyone definitely wants this, and is in SYD, I have tee’d up 8pm to collect it from his place, I can send you the address by PM.

Are you crazy? It’s worth it for the Decore cranks alone.

pm u Droz, i will take it

Done deal.

thanks Droz

Obviously Lance Armstrongs bike.

So Kombi, how is it?

It is a real mix match of components and the frame is quite scuffed on the non drive side

needs some cleaning up, I am giving it to a mate and he wants to get the left hand brifter to match

still a decent buy I reckon, thanks for passing this one on

Would be interesting to see if there’s a wild somec paint scheme under the blue? Cuuld be worth a shot with a cotton ball and some acetone to try and remove a single layer.

For the cost of one brifter, its still a pretty good deal!