[SYD]May Lane this sat St Peters

Found this in my mail box. Thought other might find it interestin

Fashionistas and other cycling folk

This Saturday night we’re kicking off the Road art exhibition with a music, mayhem and fashion in May Lane, St Peters.

Come on down and help us celebrate. Invite attached and media release with full details follows.

And please help us spread the word - all welcome - it’s going to be great fun.

The latest cutting edge cycling fashions drawn from the depths of inner Sydney’s bike messenger scene will hit the streets on November 1, with the launch of the Road: Edge exhibition, a Big Bike Love event, running alongside the eighth annual Bicycle Film Festival.

St Peters will play host to an evening of quirky, edgy streetwear with an underground tribal twist, paraded to a funky soundtrack , and music by DJ Ollo. The free event will be held in May Lane, a renowned street graffiti gallery, with hand crafted designs by Flash, Cheeky Monkey, Skingrowsback and other designers.

Tribal-style accessories in the show includes designs by Skingrowsback, made from recycled and retooled bike chains and tubes. Curator Flash comments: “The show will feature edgy outfits, cool clothes and even not-so-cool clothes! From a pink and purple leopard-print creation to bike evening wear featuring expanses of reflective tape and bare flesh, the event is a mix of practicality, fashion and entertainment.”

The Road: Edge cycling fashion show draws on inspiration from the expansion of cycling culture across the globe and recent cycling fashion parades in London, Las Vegas, Vancouver and Dublin. The trend points to the growing popularity of the bike as cool way of getting around town. Bikes are officially in.

Says Flash: “You could say I’m a person who really likes bikes, and who really likes fashion. I myself will be making an appearance on my very own Gimp bike – and the outfit is designed to match!”

He adds: “This fashion show will feature real people and real bikes. These clothes and accessories are in many cases hand made especially for the show – they are not commercially available. In some cases they promise to be hilariously bodgy, in all cases they will be funny and fanciful.”

The free party will run from 7pm to 10pm this Saturday, November 1, with a licensed bar open in the lane for one evening only. Road: Edge is a perfect opportunity to explore the heady mix of tribal fashion and to support the worthy cause of improving conditions for Sydney’s cyclists.

hmm. ok, except for “edgy streetwear with an underground tribal twist”.

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are mayhem playing? sweet.

nah, its “mayhem and fashion”. like mayhem, but better dressed.