[SYD] Sat meetup + any other forums?

hello all,

Is there still a Saturday morning meetup at Martin Place?

Are there any other Sydney meetups?

Any recommendations for other forums that a Sydney fixed gear rider looking for people to ride with should be on?


the only link i can suggest for sydney content is SYDBMA. it IS for bike messengers from what i can tell.

as for sydney sat meet ups. i could do a few random early mornings
bit hard for me personally. kids, wife works weekends, and i live a fair way out of sydney.

7am Martin and george, come meet up, also mid week rides going on too.

can’t make it this weekend. i have to go and pick up a bike for my son lol.

so i gather it is each week, same spot, same time?
could you also elaborate a bit more about the mid week rides, time, place if possible?

someone PM this cockpony http://fixed.org.au/forums/index.php?action=profile;u=729 and tell him to get his short arse down there.

okay, i’ll come on down to Martin Place on Saturday. I actually went last week. There was only one other person, but we had a fun ride. down to Camp Cove and then to bourke st bakery.

And the mid-week meetup… Any more details on that?

It’s usually wednesday evening meet at centenial park about 6.30pm, but try and come down saturday morning at martin place.

Ok, this time I might even have a chance of turning up. 7AM at Martin Place still the go? OH I’m going to get punished, the only form of exercise lately for me has been hitting up the local hippie walking track on the DHill rig near home ,gravity fed!

I may be looking for one of those “more time spent in coffee shops/pub” instead of aboard your stead kind of ride?

Give me a yell, or not, to let fill me in.

Cheers Ev.
0420 278 630.

Come on down EV, I may come for a ride this saturday, but have hurt my back so I’ll see if it’s up to it saturday. There will be others waiting though.

i might come around see you guys there:)

mOkay ,who’s up for Martin Place in the morning??? :smiley:

We were there…

So was I??? Down to Maroubra (via Dunc’s place) & back to bakery, then some went on to Rozelle markets. Made me realise how many beers I shouldn’tve had the night before :stuck_out_tongue:


Trying to get a mailing list established to coordinate the Sydney Saturday morning rides, (and the occasional Si*e-Spd off road ride).

It may work out, it may not.

Join here to find out:



hey carlin,

bloody good idea. ive done gone and joined the yahoo group.

this is jono, btw. guy with glasses, we were chatting after the alleycat last week.

I think you have my email send me a txt if you don’t.


Whats the go with the Saturday morning ride if the weather is shite like it is currently???