Sydney Bike Polo - mid week session

Polo is on tonight under lights at the Alexandria Park basketball court from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

$5 per player for lights.

Hope to see you there.

Polo this week will be Tuesday 27th July 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

$5 for lights

great session last week and on sunday too. some new players have come down who are looking sharp already! we should start sorting out teams for the nationals some time soon.


Who cares if it’s raining! We need to get some solid Nationals practice in.
Tonight’s session will focus on the art of reverse-t-boning as well as some revision of last week’s chicken-winging lessons.

7.30pm to 8.30pm Alexandria Park basketball court, Alexandria. Don’t forget to bring $5 for the lights.

will try dudes

still a spectator, rain or shine!

We appreciate your constant support - now we just need to get a mallet in your hand!

Thanks also to Brook, Locky, Larry and Cesar for coming out in the rain. The endless 2 on 3 (switch sides after you score) game was great.

On top of the regular Thursday session, who else is keen for a Tuesday night session? Weather might eb alittle rough, but supposed to be better than Thursday. If there is enough support, then ill book the lights.

Tuesday will not be on. Thursday is still on and shaping up to be a big one. Hopefully see you all down there from 7 / 730. Bring some coins for lights.

polo BBQ sunday??? need to play all day long!! let s make it at 11??? then a break at 1 and then games in the afternoon?

I think that’s a great idea. Let’s do it.

I was thinking we should have a hit around at the school on Saturday afternoon as well for anyone that’s keen. Late start - maybe 2pm?

So stoked to see you guys making things happen while im gone.

Berlin made me such a better player. Just finished 5th at NSPI in Ottawa.

Cant wait to play with you all again.

Congrats on Ottawa!

Things are good here. You should see the new stickers that Larry (the signwriter and new polo player) made for us - cut out lettering that says www. sydneybikepolo .org - very fancy. I’ll save you one.

Hoping to have two Sydney teams in the final at Nationals (although Mitch and Steve are pretty shit players so not sure how their team will go).

hahahah, YES!

Lewis: great to hear the news. Can’t wait to hear about the style and type of gameplay over there, especially things like tactics.

let s (fucking) play tonite!!!

the screaming baguettes need to kick some ass!

let s play fast, hard but true!!! i’m hot today dudes

Yes! It’s on! 7.30pm at Alexandria Park.

I’ll be there. Took my mallet to work today especially.

Just had a look at the radar - there’s going to be some rain soon, but I think by 7:30 it should be clear again.

yes, a little sprinkling now, but its on either way! woo!

im bringing 4 mallets down if anyone else needs one.

so… game on or lazy home night?, i reckon it s freezing

It’s still on! Don’t be so soft!!