Sydney Bike Polo - Playing Times and General Discussion

To replace the mid-week thread we have been using

To start with let’s have a caption competition

Playing times this week

All games will be at Alexandria Park

Thursday 25th - 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Sunday 27th - At the new later time of 2.30pm to dark

Caption competition - winning entry doesn’t have to pay for lights next Thursday night


The winner will get to play for FREE next Thursday… WOW! That’s a whole $5 credit!
All you have to do come up with the best caption for this awesome photo from the Nationals:

Locky: i TOLD you to swallow !!!

gives a whole new meaning to ‘dick move’

heres the video of it happening if you missed it the first 5 times.
YouTube - Aust Bike Polo 2010 04 Grand @6min

Fixed that for you

hahah. nice one.

mallet of cock.tails lives on!

“No Locky! You can’t kiss it better”

“Next time it won’t be an accident”

weather still sucks this week…any bridge we ca play under? a warehouse?

Are you actually going to be there?? (Joking - I know you work long hours now)

But seriously, after the number of people that turned up on Sunday when it hadn’t even started raining again at 2.30pm (Me, Donny, Brook, Locky and Larry), I doubt many more people will bother on a wet Thursday regardless of whether the court is undercover (especially the messengers who have been wet all day).

Second problem is I don’t know of any bridge or warehouse where we could play. Do you? There is a multi-level car park on Cleveland and Shepperd St but we’ve never played there before and from memory the edges aren’t that high and the drop to the ground is massive. We should check it out again but maybe save it for a wet Sunday.

yeah i know my work sucks for polo now… but last sunday was good fun… well we ll see

I would have come down, but I’m being kicked in the ass with sickness everytime I start to get better the weather turns shit and I get worse again. :frowning: but my presence doesnt actually affect the playing…

Of course it does! We love having you there.
Plus it helps to counteract the (sometimes massive) levels of the testosterone on the court :slight_smile:

I’m in Sydney down from Brisbane and bought my bike. I’d love to go for a ride or play some polo. I’ll keep a look out on here to see what’s on or please call or txt me on 0438006704.

Howdy Aaron, we are still debating whether to book lights for tonight due to the weather, can keep you posted. If you’re still here Sunday we should be able to get an undercover court in case its raining. Our site is kept up to date with times and locations.