Sydney bike shops

Does anyone know of any Schwinn dealers in Sydney, specifically looking for the madison.

Also does anyone know of any good bike shops which stock pre-made fixies. Is Woolys wheels any good?


I went to woolys wheels and they had a surly steamroller… maroobra cycles had giant bowery and mortdale bike shed has masi fixed. I ended up getting a masi fixed from mortdale bike shed… they are pretty good… not road/track experts though so know ur sizing before seeing them

woolys wheels has always had a ‘paddington premium’ everytime i’ve been there.

have you tried finding out who distro’s schwinn in australia (probably be on the schwinn site) and call them asking who buys schwinn from them in sydney (and if you are nice they may even tell you who has the madison and when they ordered it).

thanks guys for the replies, i ended up getting a steamroller from Cranks

this is my first fixie after riding bmx for ages, it feels bloody strange.