Sydney bike stores shoe selection

I’m looking to treat my self to a new set of spd shoes and have narrowed it down to either sidi’s or giro

Can anyone suggest a bike store in sydney (preferably south of the bridge) that stocks both?

my off days are few and far between and it would be a big help to not have to try a whole bunch of places


For the Sidis - Clarence St stock these, but their prices are double what you’ll find online.

I haven’t seen Giros anywhere in Sydney. Atelier de Velo and City Bike Depot are both close to Clarence St, so worth a try while you’re in the area.

Also, apparently Sable & Argent are closing down - they stock Lake shoes and a bunch of Rapha gear - you might find some good deals there.

Grumps, Bike Bug at North Sydney (JJjjuuust north of the coathanger) stock sidi’s and is where I bought mine, at quite a good price. There’s a slight chance they stock Giro’s but can’t be 100% sure.

CBD have Giro’s!

mmm gyros


I bought my Sidi’s from Clarence St. Having a weird foot shape I needed to try on several pairs of different brands and sizes so Clarence St (the street, not the shop) on a Sunday was a good place to start. Several shops there with lots to try.
The Giant store on Clarence St have Sidi’s as well.

thanks guys!

I have been purchasing from Clarence St. Having i am very pleased with!