Sydney courrier company contact details

I am travelling to Sydney in April, and am looking to messenger whilst there to make some cash.

Can anyone give me the contact details of any Sydney based courrier firms that are likley to hire new messengers?



Crisis couriers and mail call, I’m out of the game now but in my time they were the biggest. Some aren’t to keen on you if you ride fixed feel it out I’m sure you’ll get a job. Also contact SYDBMA (Sydney bike messenger association) they’ll know more.
ask there and you’ll get a list of places to ask around.
mail call will be your best bet, but you’ll need a brake. can’t ride brakeless for them, something to do with their liability or something.
avant is another pretty good one if you can.
toll is on hourly and great to work for if you can find a slot.
other than that, there is a pretty good turnover of riders and if you just keep asking around you;ll get a ride.

as with any company anywhere in the world, don’t listen when they say they’ll call you.
go back regularly. best is to get to know some of the guys and wait for one of them to drop out.

martin place is a good spot to find them.