Sydney Easter Sunday.

It appears someone is organising our very own Paris-Roubaix tribute ride.

66.6km finishing at tempe velodrome. starting at wahroonga at 8am. mid-ride meetups at SHB nrthside 9am and deus 10am.

thats all i know.

im going.

Damm you able bodied people!!! :x

yeh, sorry ev. maybe you can drive the support truck. know anyone with a truck that has a mobile fridge?? HAHAHAHA

AHHhh your killing me. I’m not meant to be driving yet either. Better get the missus used to driving my rig so i can passenger-side it with beers!!!

man i’ve been waiting all year for a ride like this, and they’ve put it on the one weekend i’m out of sydney. what a bastard. who are they anyway? why haven’t i heard about this earlier? i want answers!

there are no answers. even the dude who put the flyer on sydneycyclist doesnt know. its like some mysterious shady fixed gear underworld or something. which is alright by me.

aye ! me too.

miss the melb ride by one week, and then this the next weekend. pah

Mystery intrigue and cobblestones. Winning combination.

and a chance to dirty up your shiny new bartape.

i can see why the organisers might want some anonymity. and a mystery course doesn’t hurt either.
i’m just annoyed to be missing out on it, sounds like it’ll be a great ride.

yeh, i’ve seen some info on another board by one of the organisers. although theyre not really claiming responsibility… shady. but yr right, makes sense to be anonymous or you start heading down the road of public liability insurance etc.
i went on a 1.5km “community ride” organised by a BUG or something and they insisted we sign a temporary insurance form, because it was “organised”.

That’s brilliant!

Lov’n the 66.6 km pun on the poster, for a ride on the Holy Weekend of Easter.
I guess if you’re riding, you’re not at church, so that must mean…………

Go satan 666 :evil:

Looks good. Reckon I’ll turn up to my first ride in Sydney.

i’ll try and meet up at 10am at deus

I think I am out. Too much, too soon!

There are a bunch of us meeting at the grey hound bus depot at central, early enough to catch a train out there. any idea how long the train takes?

North Shore Line
Departs 6:58am - Central
Arrives 7:45am - Wahroonga

Perfect, 6.45am @ the Greyhound bus terminal. I don’t think I can make it though, my knee will just not handle the punishment. :cry: Have fun and remember if it’s not on then it’s not on!!

Platform 16 apparently. See y’all there. Hopefully there’s coffee at wahroonga.

I want to go! but Damn i haven’t riden that long, that far! am i going to die?? I can keep a decent pace but, oh man, this’ll be an awesome challenge. Someone say some words of encouragement please!!