Sydney Film Fest Events

Harbour City Crown.
Who is Sydney’s fastest??
Points taken in each event, rider with most points at the end of the weekend takes the Crown.
Points may be won, earned, stolen, cheated, lost and bribed. Do your worst.

Round #1. Wednesday Night. Finishes at the Factory Theatre, Marrickville for the opening night gig

Round #2 Saturday Brunch. Finishes at the street Party.

Round #3. Roller races Saturday Night at warehouse location.

roller races. fuck yeahs !

missed the deus ones and have been waiting for the next round

yeh, same. not that i expect to do well, but you know. fun n shit.

i made $80 on the deus gold sprints… :evil:
i can’t wait to get my hussle on…

Regarding the wednesday Cat i’m a bit confused - on the poster it says George and Lower Fort St, there two meeting places or???

Forgive me i’m a dirty lost foreigner.

its the corner of george and lower fort. googlemaps is yr friend.

Wicked, cheers.

You going boyo?

hellz yeh. with bellz on.

To make things easy. Its as far north on george st as you can go. Right under the Harbour bridge.

sounds like fun :smiley:

Wait till you see my computer skills.

Familiarize yourselfs with the finish for Wednesday night. Will make life a bit easier if you dont already know.

so who’s going to what movie sessions? i havent booked anything yet…

I’m thinking the two Friday night sessions. The first one on Saturday looks interesting, but depends on the street party

maybe going to saturday night session. still havent got tickets

Was a good laugh tonight.

Cheers to the guys who organised it all, much appreciated.

Hopefully see you all Friday or Saturday or both!

had a bit of a stack on king street last night, playing silly buggers of course. came down pretty hard on my left side, major bruising and abrasions from my shoulder down to my knees. the back of my helmet was completely smashed, so it did it’s job. my glasses, or the right half anyway, got run over by a car. i think i was pretty badly concussed… spent a few hours at rpa emergency getting checked out etc.

thanks to all who helped me out, carlin, levon, dallas, rod, terence etc. nice work.

Glad you’re ok!

thats shit good to see you are all good but

shit mate. That doesn’t sound good. If you’re up and posting on already it can’t have done too much damage!

haha, yeh, im only awake cos it hurts too much to sleep.

I’ll put up some pics of my shattered helmet and glasses as soon as find all the pieces…