Sydney Night Owls?

So its starting to warm up, and I’m getting keen to do some riding after I get home from work at 11pm.

So are there any night owl’s around who are usually free (and awake) between say 11pm and 2am weeknights for a ride around the city or some night time XC?

The weather is getting lovely for riding at this time, and the roads are always empty.

I’d like to try and organize a roadie/fixed and a night time XC ride once a week.
Would cater for all fitness and abilities.

Say Road/Fixed on a Tuesday night from 11pm, and an XC ride on a Thursday between 11pm.

Also be good for the social aspect to go for food or a beer (even a longneck in a park somewhere) after the road/fixed ride if we find places that are open 24hours.


I’m up for some late night rides!

Great time for a ride!

I’m attempting to transform myself into one of those early night/early morning people, so I don’t think I’m in, but there might be occasional exceptions. I love riding late at night. Parramatta Rd at 2am on a weeknight is fantastic. Actually most roads are I guess.

I’m attempting to transform myself into one of those early night/early morning people.[/QUOTE]

I’m already one of these. Me coming on one of these night rides is about as likely as zak riding shimano.

I’m keen. I need to buy some better lights but pending that I’m always awake.

Where would we start off?

the one true religion!!! yea pretty unlikely

I also posted this on BMU and BNA and have had interest in a weekly XC ride early in the week, aswell as a fixed/road ride later in the week.

So I think the plan will be to have a regular weekly XC ride somewhere on either Monday or Tuesday nights, and then have another regular roadie/fixie ride on thursday nights with potential for a beer afterwards somewhere.

2AM post-ride beer fuck yeah

This is good - I’m winding up to ‘full time’ work but only on a 4 day week, so I could potentially be up for it later in the week and then have a morning off to compensate. This sounds tasty.

Sweet as, well what about we kick it off with a fixed/road ride this thursday then?

Meet at Martin Place at 11:15pm for an 11:30pm roll out? We can hope to have it all wound up by around 2am and either go for a beer or head home.

Or, should we meet at a pub or a park somewhere for a beer sometime between 11pm and 12am, and then do a midnight mash for a couple of hours. Followed again by potential beer.

Edit “Midnight Mash” has a nice ring to it. So I reckon we try and meet for a beer (either at a park or pub) sometime after 11pm and then roll out at 12am for a 2 hour mash. Every Thursday night (weather pending) untill it gets too cold to ride. Lets do it!

Will be away this thursday, next week I’m down!

Sounds good. Will give definite answer soon.

Does anyone have a decent rear light that I can borrow?

Yup. I got a couple.

What do you guys think about somewhere to meet up? Longnecks at Hyde Park Fountain / Martin Place? Or a pub somewhere?

I reckon long necks in a park/near a fountain.

Less chance we’ll stay there and not ride (ala wednesday night sydnrome)

Ok sorted.

Meet at Hyde Park Fountain at 11:30pm for a Midnight Roll out.

BYO pre-ride longneck.

Sounds good Nathan, but the pains of dentistry make keep me away.

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I added those of you on my FB list. Everyone else can feel free to add themselves :slight_smile:

I will be able to come on a semi regular basis - but not this week.



In all seriousness, Nathan - this is a great idea. Hope it kicks off. Have fun you crazy boys and girls.

I’ve got every second friday off so should be able to make this reasonably regularly. ( not this week though)