Sydney Rides/BFF Thread

There seems to be a few bicycle related events over the next few weeks:

Sydney Rides Festival 2011 | What’s On - City Of Sydney

I’m keen for the street fair, the Wednesday night ride on Ride to Work day, the sprints, and maybe the ride to Bondi.

There will also be 2 organised by me alleycats, between now and christmas.
One will be mid november the other, mid december.

Thanks for starting this thread Carlin. I was too lazy.

Who’s going to this tonight? Bicycle GreenUps - For the Love of Bikes | Facebook

Hi guys,
Thanks for starting the thread Carlin!

So BFF Sydney is kicking off this Saturday the 8th of October at Taylor Square at 10am with “The Street Fair of Cycling Goodness”. There will be games, prizes, food, bikes, accessories and crafts from our fave Melbourne and Sydney bike loving buddies. Its on for young and old, can we get a 2011 Natty Fab spoke card perhaps?? Cant wait to see you all there x

Just realised I can’t make it to the Wednesday night ride… Hopefully get along to the Friday night roller races tho.

Yeah should be at Wednesday night ride at some stage - got work drinks as well. Hopefully get to goldsprints as well.

Ride to work Wednesday morning; Ride Wednesday night.

Mmm free breakfast.

I will be attending on Friday night to help cheer on Rhys in his efforts to win the gold sprints…
Prepair thy selves for my omnipotence!!

Will be in attendance tomorrow night and friday night woo

Jono, any chance of bringing this 650c rim and spokes along on Friday? If you want I can give you some monies or some parts in exchange. Up to you.

Uh, could be tricky, but will see what I can do.

No dramas. No rush on it. If its more convenient for another time that’s cool with me :slight_smile:

Heads up for Sunday - Shitty to Surf at 2pm. I’m going to be checkpointing somewhere on the route. If you don’t want to ride and feel like a brew or two before heading to Bondi for the last night of films, give me a shout out. O434-OO9-674 and I’ll give you the location

Sunday might be my first foray out of the house for BFF. Sick as a dog still, this sucks.

I might come along and sit at a checkpoint with you. Should I load my panniers up with hammer ‘n’ tongs? :wink:

Nah - too early on to be handing out refreshments to the riders this year … but I will be next door to a pub

Too early? Should be compulsory.

I’m away for the weekend, so missing most things, except for the goldsprints.

Here’s some gif action from last night:

(I discovered the continuous shooting function on my new camera)

That was a really fun night. Been a while since I went over the bars in such a deliberate fashion.

Whats happening tonight?

this: Bicycle Film Festival ~ Goldsprints -Riders on the Storm | Facebook

Awesome gif’s Alex! lol