Sydney To Gold Coast Ride

Two INSANE RIDERS looking for a crazy guys who want to challenge themselves and ride from Sydney to Gold Coast on fixie.
There is no plan for now, just blank idea!
Text us in order to plan everything.


Fuck that, the Gold Coast is a shithole.

But seriously, good luck. Where are you from? Do you have any experience of Australian roads, and the roads north of Sydney in particular? Some of the guys on here have done those roads heading south, you might get some good advice on stuff.

Any suggestion about other destination? We ware thinking about Melbourne and Brisbane as well. I’m Russian and friend of mine is Mexican. And YES it will be hard, but no matter what we gonna do it!) We happy for any kind of advice.

Fuck plans. Plans are for bitches. Just ride.

Thumb up!

Riding in Russia or Mexico would be more fun I imagine

Make sure you have your will updated.

These guys did Melbourne to Brisbane the year before last. Most of them aren’t on the forum other than user Gypsy. He might be able to help you out.

I have done Brisbane > Sydney and Melbourne > Brisbane fixed. Both good fun rides, get to see some great countryside and meet some pretty unique country folk including the naked old lady who me and LAM ran into when in search of water whilst trying to make a shortcut to get off the highway.

I’m no scientician but if you did Gold Coast to Sydney using the slope of the Earth it would technically be downhill.