Sydney to Gong fixed

As it reads, the annual MS charity ride, 90km fundraiser on Sunday 1st November.

Let me know if your keen, I’ll look into what needs to be organised.


I’m in. Let’s get a crew going.

Yeah I’m in.

There are 5 weekends in November, and there are big rides on 4 of them between the road and the mountain bikes.

anyone keen to do return?

When you come to the gong ill get my fixie out and come see you at the end, wouldnt mind meeting up some fixed riders as there are like next to none down here!

I just had a look at the website, apparently last year they had 13,600 riders. (!!!) I didn’t know there were that many bikes in sydney… anyway this year they’re capping the numbers, understandably, and giving preference to the people that raised money for it last year. so you can’t just turn up on the day.

I was pretty keen to do this, having never ridden down that way before, but now i’m not so sure. Can you imagine the chaos? 10,000 riders, “maximum two abreast” - that’s a chain of bikes over 15 kilometres long!

Yeah, I was working last year, but my girlfriend did it. The ride was pretty crowded. She got taken down by some hero pushing his way through, clipped her bars, or front wheel, I think.

I’m still keen though.

I’ll be accompanying my 12 year old daughter this year. Was thinking of doing it fixed. It’s 20 years since I’ve done the ride, and I can’t remember the hills. What gearing are people thinking of using?


I did it on my mtb last year but that got stolen so will be riding fixed…

Our work puts a team together so will be participating with them, but can ride with you lot!!!

I was just going to use my regular gearing, around 69". 49x19. great for climbing, and great for getting the spin cycle going on the downhills. :slight_smile:

I’m in! We have to get in early though as spaces will fill up. Anyone keen to organize?

i think Ev put his hand up for this one. might have to get on his case.

Ok, so if we’re going to roll down the hill to the gong, its going to cost a minimum of $200 as a team. So 10 blokes/chicks chip in 20 clams each and we’re laughing.

If I can get a kinda firm yes from people I’ll register and then we can just sort the dollars on the day.

Who’s coming up with the team name, I think there was a spot on the log-in for a name???

I’m in.


read the cycling preporation guide and i rekon i qualify (almost) burwood to annandale 5days a week riding 42x15 takes me about 20 mins…do you all rekon that cuts it … idont feel supa fit i would love to have a go .

You’ll be fine!

I’m going to freewheel it again this year.

Make sure you guys have at least one brake.

Sorry lads and ladettes, I’ll be needing to pass the organizer batten onto someone else for this. I’m heading interstate on the 29th for about a week, so I’ll be a no-show.

Sorry for inconvenience all.

yeh, i think im out too. dunno why, just didnt get around to organising anything. also, heard some bad stories about bike congestion…

if you don’t start at Sydney park it ok. Just wait along princes hwy and tag along and you don’t need to pay entry.
In going to do it again this year.

from sydney park road for about 1km its congested and frees up!
then again at the entrance to Waterfall it turns into walk your bike to the gong as they try to fit too many people into the national park…

apart from that, every traffic light between seems to be like a sunday roadie ride…