sydney to melbourne easter ride

I will be heading down to melbourne for the comedy festival again this year and am contemplating doing the ride down again. I’m not a 100% commited to it yet, just seeing if anyone else was possibly interested.

last years ride was just my brother and I, we took the hume all the way to melbourne in 7 days, staying pubs/motels at night.
Some photos are on this blog.

day stats were:
Day 1: Engadine to moss vale
Distance: 129km , Time 4:59
Day 2: moss vale to gunning
Distance: 117km , Time 4:09
Day 3: gunning to gundagai
Distance: 138km , Time 5:09
Day 4 : gundagai to holbrook
Distance: 116km , Time 4:19
Day 5: Holbrook to wangaratta
Distance: 136km , Time 4:44
Day 6: wangaratta to nagambie
Distance: 135km , Time 4:38
Day 7: negambie to melbourne
Distance: 131km , Time 4:48

last years ride thread

Possibly. Somewhere well under 100%, but it could happen. Will think about it.

Hey guys, this ride is an almost certainty this year, barring injury or misfortune. Travel Dates have to be 24th march leaving Sydney and arriving Melbourne 30th march. will be same route as last time due to these time restraints. if anyone is keen let me know. Assume it will be raising money for charity as i copped a bit of stick from friends about it not being so last time.

Leukaemia Foundation | Fundraising Portal | 2013 - Rowan Davis | GoFundraise

If I’m unemployed at the time (which is likely) ill be down. my b’day is the 23rd

Would highly recommend taking the coastal hwy (the princes hwy from memory?) it’s so much nicer than the inland route and not that much more time consuming.
we did the coastal route on ss and nobrakes fixxays a couple of years back in seven days very easily. Had a couple of late start days and weren’t doing insane kms and was still fine. You can even catch the train from Traralgon as the last day is just straight hwy and then outer burbs which suck to ride though. All in all though the scenery alone is well worth a couple of extra kms.
Plus you can then stop at the best pub in Australia.

Anyway if you want more dees on our route shoot me a pm.

Hey mate, have considered the coast road both times, but due to time restrictions (I have stuff on I sydney immediately before and in Melbourne immediately after the ride), lack of shoulder and the impact weather may have make the inland route, while not as exciting, a fair bit safer bet.
Have ridden down the coast a couple of times and there are just some bits I wouldn’t feel safe doing solo. Will shoot you a p, for route as am curious and may venture that way in the future.

bluebird hotel?

ha yep. i wanna do the ride again just to go there

Just a note that this ride happened and just finished, now enjoying beers at temple brewery in Brunswick.
6 days of rain, 1 of sunshine, 7 punctures, 2 ruined tyres and a folded guard occurred along the way.

Well done Rowan. Sounds like a tough ride.