Sydney: whats your favourite route?

Don’t know if this has been created already but people could post their favorite rides here for others to see

This is mine, start at the top of miller and finish at harry’s for a pie.

i’ve been enjoying the la perouse run. when i’ve got the roadie i might try out the waterfall thing. apparently its good.

will map later.

waterfall loop is fun… first did it @ 14 and spent more time trying not to blow chunks at the pace as it was my first ‘real’ group ride after some different loops with the old man (who had been doing it for a while).

first time i broke the speed limit was on the suprisingly fast downhill from engadine to just past loftus. :smiley:

if you live south-ish id recommend a loop of the royal national park as an alternative, the descent in is amazing, climbing back out if you go the other way can be heartbreaking.

i remember hearing about a really good eastern suburbs loop that took in everything from the hills of vaucluse/elizabeth bay to down near maroobra without having to deal with some of the heavy traffic around there. ill see if i can can find out where it went, but it was normally done geared. :wink:

Harry’s! I used to love that place when I was living in Sydney. A friend and I would drive from Rockdale just to get a pie topped with mash spud and over-flowing with gravy. mmmmm the memories :slight_smile:

this is a good idea for a thread. i’m just starting to get to know my way around sydney - good roads are kind of hard to find. now i see why people in cities invented velodromes.

hickson road, down below the cliff around from the rocks is really fun. a lot of alexandria/waterloo is pretty good. i loved the airport loop the other wednesday night. cleveland street is death.

i’d like to go east more, but the hills around bondi scare me a bit.

Bondi’s not too much of a hard slog. I live over in Newtown, and often find myself winding my way through Redfern into Centennial Park to do a few laps, before shooting down the hill to Bondi for a swim. Coming back along Cleveland towards City Road is fine, so long as you defend your lane :).

there’s betterer ways than cleveland. once you hit surry hills, chuck a left then right and head thru the back of redfern, redfern st past the station and then wilson st. sooo much better. i do just about anything to not ride on cleveland st heading west…