Sydney-Woy Woy Sunday 22 April 2012 'Route du Nord'

Sydney-Woy Woy Sunday 22 April 2012 ‘Route du Nord’

Last year it was the Sydney Gosford, this year it will be the Sydney Woy Woy: a ride north from the cobblestones of the Sydney Opera House over approximately 140 kilometers of challenging terrain to celebrate the ‘classics’.

There will be modestly useless prizes for ‘classic’ bike and for ‘classic’ outfit. This can be interpreted in any way and the judging process will be totally partisan, unfair and open to bribery.

All welcome. The more the merrier.

Carlin (and Lo in the ‘team car’*)
Jonno (new fuckin rig! Shit yeah!)

*Not following the ride, but at Woy Woy

I’m a maybe

Woo hoo!

Count me in, one way or another. Haven’t ridden any distance greater than from my place to the shop/pub since christmas so it could be interesting.

If I don’t ride, I can be the the second team car, with a large esky on board with drinks, endura/gatoraade/crossfire/beer. And also a camera for documenting the ride. We’ll see.

How is your back feeling now Ev? I am dipping my toe in to see how I go and it’s been ok lately. Small steps. It would be great to see you on the ride!

Am currently weighing it up - but I only have the SS, and have not ridden more than 50km in a day for a long, long time. maybe i could be support with Ev??

Assuming I have the new bike, you’re more than welcome to ride the cannondale.

Might try to pop down and say hi at the end.
Unless its raining that weekend I wont be able to ride cause I am coaching football the same day.

im interested in this. sounds like a good ride.

i dont know most of you but i guess this is a good way to get introduced.

Sadly I am out, will be down in Tassie doing a bit of old fashioned classic walking.
Also some of you might be interested in a ride I am organising for much later this year, it also goes north, comes with it’s own tradition, is a fair bit longer and will be quite a bit darker. stay tuned for details.

Anyone planning to do it SS? 140 is about 3 times more than I’ve ever done in a single day, but you know… It could be fun? I’ll have the Pompino then, too! Wiew!

If I do it, it’ll be SS.

Hey Alex, what bag were you rocking’ today?

If you do it, I’ll do it.

It can be done single speed. It could be the best or worst experience. Or both.

Fingers being crossed, it looks like my bike will get to me just before this ride. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fucking antsy…

Radness. It’s gonna be radness, for two reasons. One cos you are doing a long ride with bros, and two because no matter how badly the hills hurt, you’re on a new custom bike. So rad. So, so rad.

Fingers crossed, my rear wheel will also be ready to roll.

Fuck yeah. I think Rod might be tentatively in, and will borrow the fully sick cannondale if so.

Decent. There will be mountains forthwith, for agility to be honed.