Syd fixie store. let me know if its any good. planning on heading down next week sometime to check out the proddy.

i passed it once working and ducked in for a look, it seems to be a deus copy. so everything’s overpriced, overblinged and out the financial reach of the people that would actually use the stuff properly.

Thanks for the heads up. might just have to window shop. :frowning:

that’s possibly a bit harsh… they’re a scooter store that’s branching into bikes. a bit different to your local bike shop.

they’ve only just opened up so don’t expect them to have everything, but they’ve already offered to order stuff in for me. for sensible prices too.

Wow looooooks hella up-market. Yes sorta like Dues.

yeah, i think you’re rushing into being a hater.

hate first, ask questions later.

[quote=heavymetal ]
hate first, ask questions later.

HA HA!!!I think that will be my new motto :smiley: :smiley:

I was there on Saturday, great looking shop, well kitted out workshop.

Prices on parts around the place were what I would expect to pay. Especially given they are just branching out, I think things will only improve as tyhey slowly build inventory etc.

oh, and great espresso there too. :smiley:

HAHAHAHA You have got to be shitting me. Are you implying riding a track bike on the street is actually using it properly ?

Still i don’t think there inventory is going to be quite hip-pocket freindly. I still see myself visiting when i am in Sydney next for a coffee… i’ll stick to the internets for my Cinelli frameset needs if i ever get them.

And name a bike shop that is friendly to your pocket?

Yeah wasn’t saying other stores didnt, i merely was making the point that from what they currently got stocked its exspensive yes? Now again, i havent been there but from there blog i can’t see them selling SE lagers or KHS Flites. Hense the point i was making is it looks more a boutique bike store/clothing/scooters/coffee shop (fuck they specialise in alot of things :-P), then a specific fixed geared/local bike shop to nip into to grab an el cheapo KMC chain and some Oury grips.

As like i said before, next time i am in SYD i will visit fo sure!! not trying to stir the pot, i am sure its a kick ass store. :slight_smile:

ummmm…people…it’s another bike shop.

that’s good… the more bike shops the better

i’m sure everyone here hasn’t bought stuff from every bike shop they’ve been to, but it’s still great having another one and hanging out there and perving on bikes and parts (and lewis)

mmmm, sandwiches.

man-wiches :lol:

mmmm…the doughy half

Dam it jono (heavymetal), must it always come to the sand/manwich???

mmmm, manwich

wow. i didn’t realise that stating the blatantly obvious, that bike shops(particularly fixed oriented) are ridiculously over-priced, is apparently ‘hating’? so if I choose to go to aldi’s instead of coles, I’m ‘hating’? fuck, is the fixed community of sydney so incestuous that someone giving their honest opinion of a shop is heresy?