T-Shirt (new style)

Right…andy has new t-shirt designs…especially the ‘VALENTINE’ in blue.

See here http://www.fyxomatosis.com/viewpage.php?page_id=3

Its the one in light blue, a very cleaver design.

Sent him and e-mail, and he is prepared to make them and send them to me, and we can share the love…ANYONE INTERESTED??

If we were smart, we could get him to also screenprint fixed.org.au on them as well, and that way we kill two bird with one stone…(get ‘team’ t-shirts and help a fellow fixie-rider out…

Andy’s e-amil to me…


Ive never moved so many shirts in so little time - by far the most popular
shirt Ive made.

How about I send a dozen to oz (ill check the shipping first) and between
you, shifter crew and a few other melburnites, they’ll get sold.

Let me know what size and colour youd prefer.

Ride on cobber,

Yeah, I’ll take one. What’s the sizing like? I’m guessing I need a small?


very nice

i’d be in for one of those blue ones.



Sorry Rhino, forgot to log in …

Above message was from me.


One of those “Hello Cunt” ones would be great, just let me know where/when/who for the cash dollars.

One Please!!

Is it just the blue valentine one?

I like the Lacunte - must be newish. I haven’t seen that one before.

You know Rhino, I reckon you’d sell more than a dozen here.

I like whats under the [i]‘Fuck you Lady, I’m gay’[i] T-shirt.

It must have been a bit nipp(l)y when they took that photo!![/i]

I’m up for shirt, i need FFF (Fatties Fit Fine) XXL size for this big boned cyclist.

Craig C

Andy has them all, and you can either buy them at shifterbikes or at Spoken in the city…its the new design "valentine’ that I thought I would get in for everyone, like ten off them. The sizes are weird, I am 6ft and I wear a small. So I would only get 5 small and 5 medium, pending on how you like them.

On the RHS i will see if he can include a very small fixed.org.au, only around 2 cm high, by around 6cm…in the same colour.

Any chance they’ll be in at shifter by next Thursday? I’m keen on a valentines, merckx or hellocunt - 2x small as possible - they are all ace!#

Um…not sure if that can be done. F*#K it…I will tell Andy to make ten, and I will sell them somehow, I won’t get the fixed bit on them, just a smile for the core group on the board.

Only Small and Medium. Trust me, the sizing is good. A small could fit me, or one of the cheap taiwan strippers I just saw…and still look the goods.



I’ll have one of the Valentine ones. I’m 6 foot as well, so will trust your sizing.

Where to collect, give out dosh for them??


sure, I’ll take one of the custom “not fixed” ones Rhino. Do you want a topless shot to help with sizing? :lol:

  • Joel

Custom fixed.

Yes please to that one.


guys, re custom fixed tees from andy:

i am still trying to get someone to do some completely custom ones here in melb - 4916.com never got back to me - however mike macca from melbourne, who did the tshrits for i believe the ACMC in sydney, is doing some design sketches here. im going to try and meet up with him this week.

i also attempted to get andy to do the custom fixed.org.au tees, but he said he couldnt till july - it seems rhino convinced him however! so i dont know what the status is from andy, whether he is going to do it or not, but i just thought i’d mention i am still working on trying to get some shirts done…


Wise man once say…

Patience is a virtue.

But does that hold sway for a group of guys that seem to love going fast on bikes?

If fixed.org ones are on teh way I can wait, but I’d still like one of those Valentine ones!!

no, im all for valentines ones too :slight_smile:

in fact, if i havent already said rhino, put me down for one too!

all im saying is, i am still trying to get fixed.org.au tshirts!


Thats cool.

There is no rush! Lets make sure the are Fvcken cool!

i’m still up for a Jersey!