TAC claims

I got doored two weeks ago and have missed work as a result. Someone mentioned that it is possible to make a TAC claim for work missed (the health stuff is covered by private health, thank god)

anyone got any advice, done it before etc? if so i’d love to hear it. going to call them tomorrow morning.

issues i see being a problem - was rushed to hospital, noone got details of car. no idea who it was. lots of people around though, again, didn’t get any details of them. :?

(broken collarbone btw)

I’ve made a TAC claim before. Ring them.

were you taken to hospital by ambulance?

thanks guys. i’ve got that far, just looking for advice in making the claim - right boxes to tick etc.

snowflake - how’d you go? easy, straightforward? or are there lots of hoops to jump through?

It was very simple. So simple I don’t really remember what was involved and it was only 3 years ago. I didn’t have any hassles at all.

But I do remember the TAC people being very helpful.

The same experiance as Snowflake… I can’t exactly remember what I had to submit for my claim so it must have been pretty straight forward.

The Ambo’s sent me a bill, I called TAC and then filled in their form for my claims (I think I had a police incident No. as well) and they sorted it out… Easy I was on a Holiday Visa at the time to so it appears to cover everyone… I didn’t have the details of the car that hit me, or the car that I then ricocheted into but that didn?t seem to matter as the Ambo report said that I had been involved in a RTA.

Good luck with it, and the recovery.

thanks again guys. just got the ambo letter today. going to call them on monday.

did you get any compensation for missed work? i’ve missed two weeks so far.

Were you on your way to, or from, work? If so you may be able to get Workcover (does that work here in Vic) - otherwise TAC or Centrelink (sickness benefit) can help you out.

Oh and I should add… It’s worth contacting whichever hospital you were sent to, and asking to speak to the social worker there. They will know what does and doesn’t apply in your case and who you should contact, and in which order, for the best result.

on my way home from shooting (volunteering) at a conference. working but not being paid.

i was also hoping to claim not being able to go to my subsistance money job (call centre)

i’ll call the hospital before i call the TAC.

thanks again.

just a tip - make a police report as soon as you can. it makes the TAC claim go much quicker.

Does it apply to cyclists vs peds?

nubcake standing between copenhagen lane and car lane on swanston decided to return to the footpath without looking and there was no time to do anything except “Oiii! <crunch><smash>”

grazed on elbows/knees/chin, which will be fine, but it’s the wrist that doesn’t like moving I’m concerned about.

In my new jersey too! ;-(

That’s crap Blakey, sorry to hear it. Hope the wrist frees up.

Is it just me, or are those Copenhagen lanes the shittest things ever? I’d prefer to ride with the traffic than those things. Any car turning left off Swanston Street would have to come to a stop because they simply cannot see bikes that are riding in the Copenhagen lanes.

And as Blakey has just had painfully demonstrated, pedestrians can be even more oblivious and careless than car drivers…

Ok time for me to chime in with my story: Coming along Bridge last week when the traffic was at a stand still, and this silly cow starts walking out in front of me looking to her left. Even when I gave her the “Oi” the only thing that stopped me from taking her out was her bf grabbed her arm and dragged her out of my way.

Off to pick up the xrays now and get the verdict.

(1 handed typing sucks btw. (shut up CraigC, not like that))


Aww, come-on Blakey, I was going to be witty, promise :wink:

I don’t think that TAC claims would apply to Cyclist vs Meat pylons, TAC only insures a vehicle that has managed to damage flesh. Private health cover and/or medicare are the only things that will pay for your medicals.

you could try the TAC claim. need to make a police report. get the details of the person responsible. there was a section which asked if there was another vehicle - you could respond “no”.

try it and see. worth a shot.

I reckon bicycles would qualify as vehicles so far as the TAC is concerned.