Tachyon finally gaining traction

With Canyon ShiftRake… 5mm of adjustment.

Canyon, the new Cannondale/Giant as leading innovators? Their split seatpost is so unreal, I cant belive nobody had thought of it before. Other brands seem to be tinkering at the margins, but these guys are really thinking outside the box.

I love em.

Eurobike report: A look at the new Euro’ road bikes from Ridley and Canyon

Neat. This will make nikcee grumpy.

nah - its specifically the combination of factors that lead to my vehement dislike for the travesty :wink:

i still think that its a do-dad that wont be used by 95% of the owners.

but canyons are cool… i know competitive cyclist have been alluding to the fact they will be stocking them soon.

i like that they arent everywhere as well…