I’m going to Taiwan next week, anyone have any must do things/places to go?

Bike or non bike. I like food and cool things.


I heard they make bikes

Only one or two per year though

Blakey and Kate went there this year? He’ll have good cat/coffee tips

I was there without a bike doing work stuff so only saw the main touristy things in Taipei: Din Tai Fung dumplings (yeah they’re in Melbourne too, but try the original), National Palace Museum (if you like antiquities), Taipei 101 (if you like really tall buildings).

Where abouts are you going in Taiwan!? I been 3 times and fuggin love it. People and food are awesome. Good riding also.

Freaking incredible place. Totally underrated tourist destination. I went a couple of years ago. Can send you links to things. Benzy just got back last week.

How long do you have?

I second this.

My partner and I were there a couple of months ago on bikes and yeah, it’s brilliant. If you can find some time to cycle up the east coast and up Taroko Gorge that was probably our highlight. The food and the people too.