Taking Parts Orders from Japan

Hey, I’m in Tokyo and I’m taking orders for parts.

Sorry, no frames or wheels/tires (folding okay). Just smaller stuff like Bars, Pedals, clips, saddles, seatposts, hubs, cranks etc.

So let me know what you want by the end of Thursday (tomorrow) then I’ll let you know prices +postage (our bags are already dangerously close to overweight.

Then we’ll confirm, I’ll give my account details and we’ll see how we go.


are you buying the parts then coming home with them? whereabouts in oz are you returning to? i might be interested in some new bars


Why is this in the Adelaide forum?

i didn’t even notice that, it just came up when i hit the “New Posts” link. i guess BigChipper will be returning to Adelaide then.

Cos I live in ADL and will be returning the goods there and will not be posting elsewhere in Australia. Also, if I don’t know you Ill have to think about whether I’ll help you out or not. Nothing personal. The idea was to help out my ADL riding mates.

No problem. I was going to move the thread but I had a feeling there was a reason for it, so I asked :slight_smile:

if you can get a 48t dura ace chainring for a good price ill be keen as a tin of powdered mustard and will give you a big hug and a room temp light beer when you come back

i think they are about $50 off the blogs…

how much for a 26.8mm seat post? something decent preferably, but not carbon.
also need a seat post clamp but i can probably get that here pretty cheap.
there’s a lot more stuff i would like to buy, but i’d need a container :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll take a couple of local cycling caps. nice and light,pack to nothing. you can even wear 'em on the plane if you want.and some long track grips in white/clear/black.

Cool, I’ll have a look around, ifi it’s more than AU$50 I shouldnt bother??

Boyracer - seen a lot of knock off Italian ones, will keep an eye out for local hats. Want a few for meself too.

yeah $50… dont look too hard though, no big deal! cheers brew!

too exciting! I seek something very particular I’ve seen on taiwan fixed gear girls’ blog - those little, incredibly girly bags you can pop on the front handlebars.

yes i know they are girly, please don’t tease me I’ve heard it all before. If you could find anything like that in pastel pink or black, that’d be super rad. Rachel

hell yeah. let me know if you want some beans wired to your account in the seychelles…I’m about your size in tees too. nice work on the heads up. Cold sparkling in the fridge for ya.

Hi, any chance of a bottle of whiskey from duty free?

P.S: u can help me drink it.

damn. suntory and hanyu make some dope single malts, among others. bring 'em to the roller derby for team track sabbath?

no probs, I reckon dreamworks has cheap chainrings. Not interested in sugino??

dura ace to go with all my others :wink:

Something special…

vending machine underwear?

So far keeping an eye out for:

48t Dura Ace Chain ring
Girly bar bag
Local hats
something special.

Um, I’m going to be loaded with all my duty free, so, sorry, no dice on that one. Been drinking The Hakushu Single malt, its lovely.