Taking photos while riding

I’ve got a Nikon D70s which is manageable but fairly unwieldly.
What I want is a way of taking photos of both the scenery and other riders on longer rides (200km+). The camera needs to be accessible while in the saddle as having to ride ahead and get off the bike to get the camera out has been too much of a pain in the past. I feel the Nikon would be unsuitable due to both the bulk of the camera and lengthy exposure to sweat if it was hanging around my neck.

I dropped my Nikon a few months back and smashed up the flash enclosure. The repair quote was $600+ which is totally not worth it. I’m toying with the idea of getting a compact camera like one of the higher end canon ixus to both satisfy my desire for a compact and to be able to use at night. The other option is a proper flash unit for my nikon which also isn’t out of the question but won’t make taking photos while riding any easier.

Where do you keep your camera?
Any tips or tricks?
What sort of camera do you use?

You should ask Omar (chuppa chups) cause he has a nifty little strap system for his camera

Compact is the only way to go if you want something to live in your jersey pocket. They have finally started producing shock- and water-resistant compacts, which will be next on the list. If it is too difficult to get to, you’ll never go to the trouble of using it.

I just picked up one of these… in black though.


A really nice small compact with a 25mm Leica lens!
It takes some really nice shots and also has HD video recording, so get a decent SD card… mine is 16GB :-o

The wife and I are looking at getting the Canon IXUS 80IS for our OS trip in November. I took a liking to the Panasonic FS5 as it has more pixels and slightly better zoooooooom, but the Canon has better software features. We have a friend in the industry of selling cameras so he said he can throw us an uber price for either.

Forget about long zoom, go for the wide angle. You won’t get enough length in a compact to make it worthwhile, but the extra width is always good for cramped indoor spaces and especially for photographing while riding. Most compacts have a 35mm wide angle, 28 or wider is much more preferable.

That Canon might be the one with the 28-120mm lens? Their image stabilisation is good too, and Canon tend to have decent low light performance (and you can hack the firmware on some models).

Why don’t you attach a camera to your bike?

that’s awesome. thanks

The canons seem to be where it’s at. A few people I know who have done their research have chosen them. They were also the top pic for Choice at some stage.

Any idea about an easy to access, yet fairly weather proof case?

So we picked up the IXUS 860IS over the weekend. Works great so far but haven’t really had that much time to work out the finer details of the functions. We got the cam, a 4Gb card and a case for ~$440 (mates rates of course). Thinking I might give the bracket a go too, it looks sweet.

Get a camera phone, or stick with your D70. I started with the D70 and it’s an awesome body.

Camera phones TAKE a picture, but they’re pretty ordinary, and I’m a convert to DSLRs and have been since I got one in 2004.

You can get D100s/D70 for nix now that the d300/d700 are coming out. Essentially the same thing, just not the latest/greatest.

Compacts are just unsatifying when you get a nice subject to shoot.

I’ve got a crumpler cam bag, pelicans are better. I usually wrap it in a beanie and my bag is pretty water proof, but not idiot proof and I have discovered.

Mine is ALWAYS in my bag, unless Im out on a road ride. You never know what is around the corner.