Taking shaving grams to a whole new level.

Any explanation about how this happened?

Self explanatory. Rode near the ocean, shark with laser attached to head attacked.

I’m guessing trailer hitch rack with pivot to clear rear doors failed and swung down while driving, outer bike was abraded on road surface, probably only a minute or so.

Blakey and his bloody dremel…

I prefer this scenario.

I like that you end up with a sweet cutaway/cross section shifter.

Ha… that wouldn’t have happened with a Campag shifter!

Abraded like butter…

Actually, the softer the material, the more likely it’ll smear and deform. The harder it is the better it’ll wear away cleanly.

But the aluminium handlebar has worn away pretty cleanly and that’s ‘soft’. Blakey you’re wrong, wrong I tell you… :smiley:

Aluminium is harder than butter H.

lacking passion

passion (or soul as some would call it) is like the gluten of the bicycle component industry

without the passion it just crumbles like a $12 loaf of allergy free bread

omg alexb618 is gluten free as well as level 8 vegan warlord.

Honestly H, where do you come up with this shit? Soft? Since when has 6000/7000 grade Alloy (probaby heat treated) qualified as ‘soft’?!

Oh god, Blakey started it!

I think this happened racing crits,
Probably leaning the bike over to low through the corners at max speed

You should see the rider.

since this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

i would also like to point out that no bicycle components are liklely to be made of butter
weight weenies much prefer “lite” spreads such as margerine

I use olive oil, first press, from Italy. It’s just dripping with passion.