Talk about fugly!

Daccordi Grinta TT bike | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Glandore

This thing is scaring me. That overbearing head tube(aero?) is shite.
I’d roll a softride b4 this.

everything but the headtube/bars combo is friggin’ sick in my opinion.

Trip tri is OK, but those mega Phat tubes are kinda incongruous, as is the HT

Mr Dylan should reconsider his plans for a softride, his new perfect new ride is right here!

I’m with justdave FUGLY.

The Alter stem into Aero bars slays me.

Not sure in a good or bad way yet.

Definitely a bad way.

shit aint right

what has been seen cannot be unseen.

someone like zoltan could ride this i reckon

gotta have the right sensations to pull it off

Buy it for me, and I’ll chuck rizorz on it. I have some super narrow ones, plus my birthday is just over a week AND my wedding anniversary. You can buy it for a birthday / anniversary present for me!


You can get this and we can do TT’s down Rundle Street!

Specialised Time Trial Bike | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Golden Grove

That cockpit is AH-Mazing!

i dunno man i heard aluminium is not ‘real’ and is too harsh to ride on the street ever

Yeh, this is true. Also proven that aluminium kills your libido.

Hear that Alex? You won’t be able to get with da laydeez!