Tall Miyata 1000

Wow you know more than I do!
Has he relisted it already?
I’ve left messages on his mobi and I’m awaiting a reply still.
I am still getting reminders from Ebay to pay for it.
Ps I have said ‘dual spoks’ if you need them.

Why dont you pay for it, DaFrog pays you, and seller ships it to dafrog?

^ Dafrog might get it cheaper next time around when there is only 1 bidder.

Anyway it’s not up to me, it’s up to the sellor.

perfect for tiny people riding large frames

To clear up confusion:
i got a second chance offer from the seller which expired before we had sorted everything out (could be why e-bay is still sending you messages azz)
I’ve paid by paypal.
I also managed to negotiate a slightly lower price than it would have been had i just paid azz and got teh seller to ship to me.

Ok. Nice one.

Can you please pm me the details of what yiou got it for? Just out of interest really.

Glad it all worked out.

DaFrog you owe me a lead on an identical but slightly smaller frame.