tandem incident

here goes that wheel…:S


how did that even happen? the wheel just seemed to disintegrate into nothing-ness.

The captain was holding the tandem up bloody well, right until the front wheel got small enough that his pedal had no ground clearance.

Once the front tub popped, the carbon rim just progressively shredded. Lightweight stuff tends to be overmatched by tandem loads but most racers don’t consider failure modes. When I raced tandems, the only things that worried me were sliding the front wheel on wet Belgian cobbles and the front flats. I never used carbon rims though.

that is bad, i keep replaying the video, on 0.29 the tube blew and after that the carbon rims crushed! geez i cant imagine some people using carbon track wheels for road, it could have been worst if its on road.

try harder.

if you watch again you will notice that just after the puncture, the bike goes under the tissot sign at which point the track appears to have a bit of direct sunlight on it. this is clearly the cause of the carbon explosion.

It looks pretty funny however I know I shouldnt laugh.

God invented 48 spoke hubs and wheels for a reason, kids.

Would the carbon strands have been flicked up into their legs (and worse, eyes)?