Tange vs. Nitto Moustache bars

Can anyone help here?

Looking at getting some moustache bars. Came across these two.

Nitto Moustache Bar 26.0 Clamp Alloy Bar, New | eBay

Tange Moustache Bar B21e | eBay

Besides the MASSIVE price difference, I’m assuming the Nitto ones are just better quality and the “standard” moustache bar? Both are 26.0mm clamp and 53cm wide.

I wanna look as awesome as this:

how much different could they be. paying for the name more than anything!

Here’s another view of the Tange:

And the Nitto:

I can’t see that much difference… the Tange one has a straighter section near the clamp area, but that’s really it.

Cheapies probably don’t take barcon shifters, aren’t heat treated, hopefully “alloy” means aluminium alloy, not an alloy of iron and carbon. They also don’t specify if they’re 23.8 or 22.2mm (road or mtb levers). Tange are bulged, Nitto are sleeved.

Nitto take road brake levers, barcons or inverse levers.

Soma make two types, you pick depending on whether you want road or MTB levers: S O M A f e e d: Soma 3-Speed II “Moustache” Handlebars: For mountain grips, shifters and brake levers

PM Leigh or Merzbild, they’re both moustache bar users.

Oh yeah, I didn’t even think of that. I’ll be running aero road brake levers and one barend shifter.

These Soma ones look the business.


I really want to pull my finger out and finish this bloody bike by the Melburn Roobiax.

Paging Leigh, with photos of his Miyata setup for gravel grinding, with Shimano 600 parts, barcons & Nitto 'stache bars.

Is there an online place to buy the Soma ones?

hate to point out the blindingly obvious, but p’rhaps try their website:stuck_out_tongue:

? that where they ended up ?

scv imports does Soma locally. Not sure if they do the bars you want.

I’m pretty sure they don’t ship internationally… I know Treadly bikes in Adelaide have some moustache bars. I think they might be Nitto, so I’ll check them out this week.

Just buy the prettiest or the ones you really want. You’ll always wish you did or regret not doing so the first time.

I passed them onto Merzbild, yeah. He really likes them. Clarification: He really disliked another brand of moustache bars and the Nittos converted him.

Leigh uses Nitto bars. The Soma ones tend to be more like 3 speed/north road bars with longer ‘grip’ sections for fitting flat-bar levers. The bend radius at the front is also quite a bit tighter, making for a less comfy hand position than the nittos. This is all just from conversations, building bikes and the shape of the things. I’ve never had a decent length ride on any moustache bars… I’ve especially never ridden one of leigh’s massive bikes!

I found the Soma 3 speed to be heaps uncomfortable, really hurt my wrists ;_; and the hooks were heaps awkward too
Nitto looks nice

Hmm. By the sounds of it the Nitto’s are the go, I’m just scared of spending lots of $$$ on bars I don’t end up liking.

Have used the Nitto Moustache bars before. Still have them around somewhere. They take road levers and barcons as stated, are light and very nice. Heat treated or not though, I stopped using them because they flexed a lot, especially on SS/fixed bike. Good hand position though, if you’re using them on a geary or low geared SS, go for it.

FYI, traditional non-aero brake levers work the best on these (I had Shimano 600 levers), not modern aero brake levers. The cable routing isn’t aesthetically ideal.

  • Joel

Just missed out on a set of Nitto ones with a Pearl stem for $60… Bloody eBay. I had a look at the Soma ones in the flesh and I reckon I’m going to have to bite the bullet and get the Nitto ones. They look that bit nicer.