[TAS] Xmas Carnivals

Hey to the Tassie fix-ed-ers… Are any of you doing the Xmas Carnivals this year? I’ll be coming down to do the rounds, would be great to meet some of you, maybe even get in a ride or two.

The program is here: http://www.tascarnivals.com/

I’m planning to do all but the last one (St. Helens).

Related: Does anyone in the MelbAus area have a small Van they’d be ok to loan out for the month?

lol, it’s run by SCAT.

If I can afford to travel for 2 races I’ll see if I can get down to one of these. But first cab off the rank is the Austral…


nothing like a good poo joke :slight_smile:

Hi ndf,

ah… probably won’t be racing @ any of the Carnivals… but on Friday nights in Hobart we have a track meet at the Newtown Oval outdoor velo track… starts at 6:30 with racing kicking off about an hour later… so if you are in the south try and come along… otherwise drop me a pm or email when you’re in town and we’ll go for a spin… there are a few track enthusiasts about down here eh.


Ben, thanks! I’ll give you a bell once I know where we’ll be at what times.

Quoted from Hobarts www.dirtdevilsmtb.com

"Track racing will be starting now that the longer days are upon us.

  • Friday nights at Newtown Oval (behind the Bartercard Stadium on the corner of Main Road and Creek Road), official racing will start at 6:30pm but people will probably be round from before that.
  • The first series will run from October through to Christmas, with another series after Christmas depending on interest
  • The first 3 weeks will be familiarisation and practice, to let new people get used to the track and bikes, and allow the seasoned campaigners to pass on some of the ancient art of track craft.
  • If you don’t have a track bike, we’ll be allowing roadbikes on the track during practice, and if there’s enough we can have some roadie only racing.
  • you must be CA licenced to race.

Come out and see what all the fuss is about. Even if you don’t ride or race, it’s great to watch people turn themselves inside out.

A website will be up shortly with more details. Frr any queries contact Simon on svanderaa@iconservices.com.au."

:-o A sure fire recipe for carnage

I’m there for all of them.

Hey, where do you place entries?
I looked on the website, but couldn’t find anything?

I want to race the Berny and Launceston.


I’ve emailed them for a few entry booklets, but no response yet. Will get them on the blower tomorrow…

It will be great to have some other Brunswick riders there :slight_smile:

Let me know how you go with Entry booklets, mine is nowhere to be seen and I need one NOW!

I received one (yes 1!) entry booklet in the mail today :confused:

Apparently entries can be made on the Cycling Tasmania website:

It seems a bit flakey but the other option is to email tas.info@cycling.org.au and ask for an entry booklet. Looks like you have until late November for most of the events.

I just emailed them.

I got a reply 30 mins later saying its in the mail.


Lets Race!!!

While some massive bloke is chopping wood in the middle :wink:

I’ll be racing at the Hobart and St Helens Carnivals… So if any of you mainland boys are down this way and wanna meet up with a few of the local riders for a beer flick us a msg and we’ll meet up.

Check out two Hobart track links if ya keen as well…



ace - I’ll be at the Hobart one, see you there :slight_smile:

A bump 'cause these are getting closer. Be sure to hit us up to go for a roll when you guys are in Hobart. A casual street ride and a coffee is never a bad thing.

Hopefully I’ll make it up to Launceston with Ben to spectate on the 28th, and I’ll be at Hobart for sure.

Awesome! We’ll be on the boat Thursday, hope to catch you there.

Excellent, you should come out to the Newtown track on Friday evening and watch the last few races of Round 1. BnC heavyweight Ben Storer is currently leading the rankings, which isn’t too bad considering it’s his first ever track season!

Alleycat on Saturday as well, although I imagine you’ll be hitting the Roseberry carnival?

Haha! I’ll be even FASTER on my new all black Avanti ‘ride home pista’ pushie! Yeah! Mate drop us a pm when you hit town… beers are in order and there is an Alleycat @ 5pm Sat in Hobart! Hope to catch ya! Ben

Can we race at Newtown on Friday evening? Either way, I’m hatching a plan to be there Friday :slight_smile: