Tasty Salsa

I’d heard Salsa were shaking up the MY13 lineup.

Disc only Ti roadie “Colossal”

I’m still not sold on disc brakes for “race” CX & road bikes. But they fill a niche.

2013 Salsa Cycles – El Mariachi limited ed, Colossal and Beargrease | Mountain Bike Review

a ‘race’ fat bike? now thats niche!

ftfy… :wink:

salsa warbird, disc gravelbike.

Also available in Ti

2013 Salsa Warbird Disc Brake Gravel Road Bike Spotted - Bike Rumor

Mmmmmm… racing fat bike. Find some snow, race on it.

What are those tyres- are they like phat slicks?

Clement Strada LGG, available up to 28c and either 60 or 120tpi. I’ve only really seen them on ebay, but am pretty interested in trying some at some point.

I now know what bike I’ll be getting next year :smiley:

first impressions

The all new WARBIRD from Salsa | Carytown Bicycle Co.

The new Salsa Colossal | Carytown Bicycle Co.

They seem pretty similar bikes, just differentiated mainly by tyre sizes they can take?

Strang as well that looking at photos of the warbird it doesn’t seem to have that much clearance for cross, if you wanted to use it as a cross bike on the side.

Still think I’d prefer the Vaya if I was to choose between one of Salsa’s disc ‘road’ bikes.

I really want that ti Warbird.

lolling @ the racing fat bike, that is about as niche as it gets. Stainless steel Vaya with S&S couplers is a great idea though.

You guys think these things are likely to sell well? I have met …one person IRL who was really keen on the idea of road discs, everything else has just been internets comment. Are people only likely to jump on this bandwagon properly when it’s carbon frames and hydro disc systems?

When Shimano and SRAM come out with a hydro disc brifter.

I really thought this thread was going to be about the best Salsa :frowning: While I’m here, this stuff rules. Made in New Zealand not Byron go figure.

You will see a Di2 hydro well before a STI, this year you stay might see some, next year is almost a definate.

I love their hot sauce!

jalapeno = good
coconut = still undecided

And now, the travel Vaya. Stainless steel, couplers, alternator dropouts and IS disc mount.

New for 2013: Introducing Vaya Travel | Salsa Cycles

Thats pretty nice, with a IGH it’d be a great durable do-most things touring/travel bike.

Actually, just a normal vaya with the altenator dropout would be enough.

Very nice. Stainless steel + couplers = very very expensive!

True, a surly long haul trucker with couplers is $1000 for a frameset, how much more in altenator dropouts and SS worth?