Tasty Vanilla

Yet another unspeakably wonderful Vanilla.
The lugs, the headtube badge, the paintjob, the seatpost! - it’s all class.

Sacha White could be the finest frame builder ever. I love his work.

edit: I just noticed the stem & bar are brazed together. That bike’s a masterpiece.

Tissues please.

However, THIS is perhaps the sweetest vanilla I have ever seen:

Fixed too!!!

With a custom made Phil hub if I remember correctly.

Followed the link to that guys site, how nice are the rear dropouts? There’s some serious talent right there!

I dunno about those rear drop outs. Theres something with them, that doesn’t sit right with me. Not sure what it is though…

But yes, very talented

With a custom made Phil hub if I remember correctly.[/quote]

And billet wheels!