Tattoos and hipsters!

Going on Nexus’ recent quote I thought this would be a good one to find out the below.


I’ve got some arm-warmers screen-printed like tattoos…do they count?

nintendo characteters and the ship from from galaga.

Bahahaahahahaa.,…Fag :stuck_out_tongue:

I sorta want a tatoo, but can’t keep my mind made up about the location or design for longer than about a week, So probably never will.


+1 I have a few piercing’s but no tattoo’s because I can’t decided on one and where!

Lotto’s: Personal choice I suppose, but personally, I’m convinced they suck.

No tatt’s, only piercings. Thinking 'bout one, the Welsh Griffin (little red dragon) its a heritage thing :wink:

Ive got one, stupid straight edge related shit haha.

I’ve got a few here and there. I’m actually about to get an old one covered up in a few weeks, damn 90’s tribal armbands!!!
One of my tatts has been a cause of embarrassment here in Finland though. I got a Finnish flag, crest and SUOMI done on my right upper arm, mainly in tribute to my parents and of my ethnic origins. The problem with this and my penchant for very short hair is that it makes me look like a skinhead! The big eagle on my back doesn’t help either…
However, nothing could be further from the truth. I just have white trash tendencies for some odd reason. :lol: