Taxi cab langster

Lifecycle (brisbane)have one.
Its not bad for a themed bike - running 280mm flat bars & all

Nasty, nasty, nasty!

Sekt secretly owns one… he also owns the “London Underground” model and he has “stunner” top tube pads on all his bikes.

well, since we are talking nasty… I hear Giant is making a limited edition fixed/ss for $699 retail… well, actually it’s probably not nasty… but it is aluminium so possibly nasty… fk… it’s a giant, yeah it’ll be nasty… but then again they can have good value for money components… so maybe a nasty frame and nice cranks?

$699 Giant, you can pretty much guarantee it’ll look like a few bits of piping glued together by a preschooler.

you can also guarantee that as a giant, it will have a life time frame warranty, probably a 5 year competition warranty on the frame, way better spec than anyone else for the money, and just work straight out of the box.
for value for money, best parts spec for the price, warranty etc, you’ll have a hard time beating a giant at most price points.
and as for the godaweful taxicab langster, they should be tossed under a bus. ugliest, nastiest piece of shit ever made. and cost a fucking fortune for what you get.

You like the Chicargo Langster better uh?

Oh yeah, I’m not going to debate Giant on the value-for-money front. But all their low-end bikes are ugly as shit.

For those of you who havn’t witnessed the awsome-o-ness, enjoy:


I have seen worse bikes… though I’ve never been a fan of the relaxed frame geometry!


hell, yeah.
ugly as fuck, and rough as guts.
no doubt about it.
but then if i worried about pretty i wouldn’t be able to look in a mirror, and i wouldn’t have bought the turd brown (otherwise known as Maroon) surly.

but specialized have managed to find a whole new range of butt ugly for their city special langsters.
i think for me, it’s the fact that they are trying SO hard to market to the hipster. the bike has absolutely no redeeming features compared to the surly, and costs way more.
it’s like the guys who buy some tiny little rice box car and immediately put a 3’ wing and scoop kit on it.
it’s just trying too hard to be hip.
think of it as the VannillaIce of the fixie world.

Hey, Vanilla ice [thought he] was the Eminem of the 80’s!

You rang?

Heh, I heard he was running a club in Texas somewhere too!