TdF 2009

I might be slow off the mark with this, but I just checked out the course for this year’s tour. It’s great to see the team TT back on the schedule. Let’s hope it stays there for years.

hmmm … organisers giving Lance the best possible chance to win?

Best part of the whole thing.

Best part of the whole thing.

especially when it rains.

Best part of the whole thing.

“The team time-trial is making a comeback in the Tour de France, but with one major change: the time recorded on the line will be taken into account without tables.”

It sounds a bit Engrish, or Franglish even, but I think this means that there are no time bonuses. So it’s all down to how fast they ride on the day.

Only a short 6 month wait.

Interestingly Sportsbet still has Contador as the favourite at 2.5:1, Lance is slowly creeping down at 4.5:1 (He was @ 5:1 when I looked last week). Cadel is at an oddly high 10:1 (IMHO).

The quotfast thingy won’t work for me, but WRT “the time recorded on the line will be taken into account without tables,” they used this crazy system a couple of years ago where you could only drop something like 2 minutes, even if you came in 10 minutes down.

It was a sliding sort of rule, so 2nd could only drop 30sec, 3rd 25sec and so on - I can’t remember (or be bothered to google) the times they used. However if you came 2nd by 5sec, then you only dropped 5 sec. Basically there was a cap on the time losses.

I think it was designed to keep the little Spanish climbers who can’t time trial in the race by limiting their losses, and effectively limiting the gains of the uber teams like USPS / Disco / Astana.

And I think its Franglais.

If Cadel wasn’t screwed before the TTT was announced (which I think he was) he will be now.

You need a team for a team time trial.


Poor guy’s not even gonna make it to the podium.

well, a couple of stage wins would earn him more respect anyway.