TdF this Friday night

Hey all, I’m going to be putting some beers on and setting up the projector in the backyard this Friday from 7pm for some TdF action. Come and join if you are around. Thanks to my new all-weather outdoor setup we can enjoy outdoor projection in any weather conditions so don’t let rain put you off if it is a bit wet. PM me for the address if you don’t have it.

Woo Wooo! Is it alright if I arrive closer to the kick off of the race already pre-intoxicated following a work outing?

By all means, just don’t wake my sleeping children! :wink:

yeeeouuw. i just love partys at the antden. i’ll feign an effort to use my inside voice as per usual.

Don’t worry about it Scott, I think the girls are used to your booming voice by now.

I’ve got some nice brown ale that’s been bottle conditioning for this one, bring your drinking lips!

What he meant

Go ya halvsies a a VB box scotty?


Great, I need something to water my lawn with.

^ would kill your lawn.

if i drink a dozen ill do more than enough watering of your lawn, plant a lemon tree too goo fertiliser isnt it?

of course it rains, so glad there is a perrrrhgala to sit undahhh.

ermagerrd perrrhgala

if someone could make that into a meme with drunk Scott as the pic, that’d be great.

We’ll see what we can do tonight Rolly.

Yep, we have 4.8 x 3.6m of dryness right here!


I love this place.