TDU sabotage

Maybe it was Warnie.

Pins left in peloton’s path - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

we live in an awesome world

What a bunch of pricks…

wonder how long it’ll take the authorities to nail this on someone, that’s if they bother trying to pin a suspect.

I’m sure police presence will spike for the rest of the TDU after this incident…

Things are really coming to a head…

culprit found to have a pindick

screw you guys and your puns

Such an act is the pinnacle of poor form. Let’s hope someone gets nailed to the cross for this.

wait, this was for today’s stage!!! i thought it was an article about all the riders puncturing yesterday…

repeat offender perhaps??

warnie? taking things to far again…

I wasn’t there, honest.

Apparently HRH Eddy Merckx rides today.

“Welcome to Australia Sir, the land of pin heads”

I just don’t see the point…

I hope they get the point that if even having road tacks won’t stop the cyclists

Well the BUPA Tour challenge went through there this morning, apparently there were 7000 entrants. I wonder if the pins were cleaned up before or after that…

I don’t have a pin pun sorry.

Ive heard of this happening during the Ride Around The Bay a few years back - Frangas area.

The needles are supposed to go up their arms, not into their tyres.

Some douche did this a while back near the Brisbane Tennis Center which is part of the riverloop route in Brisbane (think Beach rd but insert a smelly river next to it instead of a smelly bay).

Yep they where on the road this morning. I had a drawing pin puncture half way from Williamstown to springton. I was hooking along at about 65 too. Fucking scary