Is anyone from Melbourne heading up?

If i can get the money sorted, I’d love to head up for some riding and spectating.

I’m going, taking the bike too. I predict a massive amount of freds popping up the Adelaide Hills (myself included)

Andy is riding over again.

Yeh i saw that. Looks like hard yakka, but I am mighty tempted.

250 a day into the wind with plenty of climbs, it will be seroiusly hard work.

true that, and i figure i’ll get there, and be way too fucked to ride around the Adelaide hills, which is what i want to do.

That and my road bike is super uncomfortable after 200kms, too toight in the wheelbase.

Wish i had more notice on this one.

ha. weak excuse. You gotta remember its just riding, sleeping and eating. You got fuck all else to worry about when your on tour.