Tea for two

I’ve seen tandems, I’ve seen single speed tandems but I haven’t seen a sweet fixxay tandem…

dont they tandem track bikes in the special olympics for blind people? like a sighted person up the front steering?


haha, was looking at this one on the colossi site the other day. heavy duty trick forks too. reckon they’ll be taking this over mad gaps?

And non-blind people, too!

popping some massive wheelies too

I have been wanting to build one with aerospoke front, and Zipp Disc rear for AGES!!!
if someone helps me find a tandem frame (male/male) I will paint it up custom, put polly decals and FOA decals, do a callender shoot for you all!

Does it have to be male/male?

Only if you can get the horses to approve of your idea, the same ones that sniffed your leader

Not if its hipster bidnis