Teach me about Melbourne

As of mid Jan next year I’ll be gracing the burn for three years. My wife will be studying at UniMelb so ideally we’ll live nearby or near a tram/bus that goes past it. I’ll probably be working in Albion, Southbank if I’m super lucky, Sale/Geelong if I’m unlucky.

So, tell me where I should be looking to live and what I can expect to pay, which of the fixxers are fat fridges worth drafting, how to navigate tram tracks, what that funny game with the tight shorts is and other pertinent information. The last time I was in Melbourne was 1999 for a drunken field trip so I don’t really know much.

Obligatory fixed content:

This should also be accompanying me for a crack at the track:

Reynolds 653 frame and fork, Superbe Pro cranks, Record hubs, red label rims with new tubs, 3t stem, cinelli bars

PS: If I mention Rhino’s name do I get beaten up?

Great mate.

Carlton is where majority of Melbourne Uni students live as it is close by and a large amount of rentable accomodation. Also in this catagory is Fitzroy, and North Melbourne and Brunswick. All a 10 - 20 minute ride to Southbank - or 2-3 hours to geelong, Sale 8 hours!!

You could ive in St Kilda, South Yarra, Toorak for tram access to Melb Uni. Very easy to get too. You could live almost anywhere come to think of it.

What sort of place are you looking for, 1 / 2 bedroom?

Tramtracks - have fun. Careful when wet.

Track - If you go with Fitzroy or Carlton, easy ride, drive to DISC in Northcote.

Also, bring a roadie if you have one, and like a good fang at high speed in a big pack and join the hell ride!


What Lats said.

Tip #1: Don’t live in Melb and work in Sale
Tip #2: Live somewhere near Carlton because that’s where the best people live
Tip #3: Rhino is our valued friend

95% chance I’ll be working in Albion. Only ~15km from the CBD isn’t it?

I hear Carlton is the place to be if you can’t afford a derailleur, and that’s where my realestate.com.au searches have been so far.

A 2b would be great, but it’ll probably end up being a 1b. No studios.

Living: anywhere north of the city (Carlton is ideal for a UniMelb fixer).
Pay: $80+ shared 3+, $110+ 2, $150+ 1.
Drafting: scares me so I can’t recommend it.
Avoid: Geelong at all costs.

I’m a fat fridge, pity I live over the south side away from the rest of these skinny little girly wankers. But I’m near Packer Park Velodrome for (dare I say it) training (Bwahhh hahaha training! funny).

If you mention Rhinos’ name you’ll probably get a free lap dance at some of the gentlemen’s establishments.

Anyway WELCOME!!!

Albion reminds me of greyhounds. Carlton is for wankers and fixed-riders. Collingwood is fun. Best pub; Tote. CraigC is a fat fridge, but you cant really draft slow-moving objects. Look for trucks on Hoddle St. The tight short game is road cycling. Road cycling is fun. So is DISC velodrome. Probably. Take tram tracks at close-to-right angles. Tow the 86 tram if you are going anywhere north. Drink beer. XXXX and Fosters are not beer. Sale is poo. Geelong is nice, but ive never ridden to there. Meet people at Federation Square. Catch the skybus from the airport; its a fucking long ride. Catch the train, not the tram. Visit Shifterbikes. Don’t visit spoke(n). St Kilda is not a bad place to live… or at least, visit. Cheap asian food in Victoria St, Richmond. Good skidding at IMAX in Carlton.

Ride fixxxed.

Spuddy = Drivel

I’m not slow moving, I just lack motivation. Anyway mention a trip to Dan Murphys, I’m there quicker than you Spud-wack.

You can draft what ever you want, it jus depends how knackered you are, and how quickly you want to get somewhere.

Besides… The bigger the thing your drafting, the more shelter you get!!!

You’re on. See you on Friday.

I’m not slow moving, I just lack motivation. Anyway mention a trip to Dan Murphys, I’m there quicker than you Spud-wack.[/quote]

Slow and smoooth. Isn’t that the point of fixed? Or am I just making excuses for a couple of decades of beer and pizza…and beer

Not ‘at some’…at ALL.

Andrew - have you been looking at realestate.com.au? some nice dodgey apartments up brunswick way, between lygon st/sydney rd - might be worth a look into. Let me know if you need any recon work done :slight_smile:

Certainly have. Nothing serious though as I doubt they’d like to hold a place for me until next year.

Planning a recon trip later this year to scout out the area and have a look at a few places.

I really need a map of inner melb though so I can tell where the suburbs are and train/tram lines etc. Links?

buy this:

problem solved :slight_smile:

Or use the electro-version.