Team Issued Hand made Malvern Star 5 Star Track Frame

Yes Jice…I could tell by the language he was using. …The way he structured his sentences that he was a genuine collector with a passion for bikes. …not just another project to turn over and profit from and forget.
So yes I am happy that she’s going to what I believe to be the right place. …and finally receive the red carpet retirement treatment it earned many years ago…

One of the members here quoted it should be restored and put on display. …and in good time that’s exactly what is going to happen.
Spoke with bill this morning and advised him of the latest developments and even though we’re 2100km apart and on the phone I’m positive I noticed what I could only describe as, if I had to put a word to it… the sound of him being just a little bit chuffed about it as he continued to talk. 78 year Olds don’t usually have a lot to be chuffed about. …specially with the anatomical mess which is his lower back…a struggle he fights daily to stay mobile and off the surgeons table…add in some macula degeneration which has almost fully run its course, so he’s practically blind… (wear your sunnies !)…on the bright side ticker still bopping along at 62 bpm and his BP is 120/85. …So I’m sure he’ll be around another 15 - 20 years just to annoy us all for as long as he can. Or until he runs out of challenging things to do…his partner just keeps adding to his list as the old ones get knocked over.
One day after he was 75 I asked him when are you going to slow down bill? You’re not that sprightly 30yo or even 40yo springing around now you know.
His answer was this…Because slowing down is what you do right before you stop. …and i don’t plan on stopping anytime soon…go figure.
Tough old buggers hardly ever give away anything emotionally either…so if you ever notice it at all. …you know you’ve touched them in a way they can’t easily contain.
AND…That made me very happy.

I love this thread.

thanks for the update mate :slight_smile:

Finally found the pic of its first outing. Bill winning the Darling River Wheelrace. Frame had no paint at this point. It was just covered in lacquer to prevent rust. Hadn’t had the stars put on yet. Sent out to test to see if it was up to spec for dad which clearly it was. If changes were to be made to the frame it was to go back to Tom for alterations.

Bike was spot on…so it only went back for stars, chrome plating and paint. Ready to start it’s racing life in earnest.

He looks pretty happy with it in the above photo!
Like Rolly, I love this thread, am learning a lot. I didnt know that bikes were (sometimes/ever) built to a stage for testing, then finished with input from the rider… thats more pro than I knew existed. He looks like a beast, too. People were doing it right back then.
Wherever it ends up, let us know… if I am even kind of close to it at some point, I’ll go and check it out. People love bikes. There is a (3-star?) tourer in the National Museum outside the cafe, with the story of the old bloke who used to tour on it and get cheered on as he went, maybe between Melbourne and Mildura… nothing like your Dad’s rig, but I watched school kids, old silverbacks and eveything in between stop and read about it, which is heaps more attention than most other items there receive.

Yes JP. …that surprised me as well…

This one is one of bill in one of the sun tours he rode in…

If anyone ever wants their frame painted like that (but with a slightly steadier hand than sir’s fading eyesight); they should contact me.