TeeKays magical mystery tour of brisbane

ok, i’ve set the date for the next brisbane alleycat.
TeeKays Magical Mystery Tour Of Brisbane is on…

Friday the 23rd of June.

it’s going to be a reasonably long one (for brisbane anyway, shut up rhino), including points in spring hill and one in either west end or the valley.
i’m starting to sort out some prizes now and i’m hoping to have stuff up to 5th place.
i also need around 20 riders to make it worth while, so come along.
cost is going to be around $3 to cover costs and maybe a cash prize as well, and if nothing else you’ll get a spoke-card out of it.
yes, there will be a DFL prize.
suggestions of a good pub in the city to hold the final finish line and after ride drunken rampage are needed now. let me know.
anyway, i’ll post a flyer and all the details in a cpl of weeks, and i’m going to post on MTBDirt and Farkin as well. any other suggestions for forums gratefully accepted, lets make it big and loud, eh!

23rd of June, locked in and ready to ride. What time will it start? Its obviously courier and non-courier friendly.

Might have to do some scouting of the street directory…

Sounds like fun. I will give it a bash.

ok, some more info on the race. since deciding yesterday which day it will be i have made a little progress on things.
Crumpler are going to donate a couple of things as prizes, bike and cycle obsession are going to donate a track pump, i’m hopeing to get somewhere like urban grind to cough up some coffee, and i’m going to try an scam an old frame with track ends out of bicycle revolution. and everyone is going to get a spoke card. yay.
um anyone know how much a cheap laminator is?
i think thats about it for know. will have a flier for you all in a few days probably.
i’ll let all know where and when as soon as i know.

Lets have one like this in melbourne

with cool prizes like this!!

And lotssssssssssss of coffee!!!

this is a copy of the post i have put up on farkin.net.
if anyone here is a member of MTBDirt, coould you do a cut and paste for me since i can’t remember my password or which email i was logged under (god i’m a dumbass sometimes).

ok, on friday the 23rd of june, i’m going to be running an alley cat in brisbane. if you don’t know what one is, go google it. these are usualy held for bike messengers, and this is going to be the second one run in brisbane. we want to get a good number of riders, so it’s being opened up to all comers who fancy their chances.

entry is going to be $4, collected at the staging area.
staging area is going be the edward gate of the botanical gardens at 1745hrs.

rules are simple;

  1. first one to reach the finish line with all the points on their manifest stamped, wins.
  2. you have to have a lock and a bag on you to win, lights and helmet are up to you. alley cats are races for messengers and if you want to run, you kit up like us.
  3. the manifest has to be readable when you get to the finish line, so don’t go shoving it down the front of your shorts or shit like that.
    4.this is NOT a sanctioned race, it is only as legal as you make it. if you get hurt or booked, it’s not my fault or my problem.

i have prizes laid out up to fifth place including stuff from Crumpler, a track pump from a local bike shop, a second hand frame and forks for building a fixed wheel messenger bike, good booze flavoured double caffiene ground coffee and some other shit. special D.F.L. prize. everyone who competes gets a copy of the flier and a spokecard.

finish line will be next to a pub where we will be holding the post race booze up and prize giving ceremony thing.

digave.com will give you a bit of an idea.

remember that this is NOT a legal or sanctioned race and you participate at your risk.

proper flier and stuff will be posted on here as soon as i finish making them.
think you got the skills to roll for this, bring it on.

old resolution “you promise to stop being a moron, and i promise to stop pointing out when you are!” lasted 23hrs 15mins.
new resolution “act like a dumbass, i’m gonna tell you”. seems to be working so far.[/b]

heh, i just heard that the police are supposed to be aware of this race already.
i’ve been told to expect a possible police presence.
so possible plan will be to have someone just tell people who want to race to go to the other gate instead :slight_smile:
we’ll see what happens.

MTBdirt is a no go, they dont feel comfortable promoting ‘illegal’ or controversial races, which is understandable.


Change of plan. All turn up at the designated time, create some mayhem with the police, and then all try to outrun them through the city. The last person to get caught wins!!! :roll:

sweet. see you all in the reserved holding cell. Hang on - someone did reserve a cell right?

  • Joel

nope, bin there, dun that, not going back in for that.
we’ll just get everyone forwarded to the new staging area as they turn up.
should be no problem…
i hope.


Alleycats are alright when thy’re not courier wank-fests*. Something different please?

*which may or may not be

This won’t be the typical courier wank-fest, basically we have TeeKay organising it and keeping it real. The couriers will have the advantage, but I have been doing some secret street directory looking just so I am on the ball.

hmmm, an alley cat is a messenger wank fest.
yep, sounds about right seeing as they races run for and by messengers, and if other people want to come along, that’s fine.
but the important part is by and for messengers.

I’ve seen {minority group} races that ain’t {minority group} wank-fests (that gets funnier everytime i type it), is all im saying.

If it’s so important that its ‘for messengers’, why are you inviting others?

here’s the flier i said i’d do up, if you want to print out and give them to friends, go ahead.

and i’m inviting other people because they were interested in riding it.
i’m inviting people who want to go, not telling people they have to.
but if you do turn up, you ride as one of us, and you respect our way of doing things. either that, or don’t show up.
no problem, no hassell
i wouldn’t expect you to turn up to CMWC or a DH race if you weren’t interested in doing things their way, same here.

What’s your way of doing things?

Fucking hell, he is inviting non-couriers (like me) who actually love to race in alleycats. Its a blast and gives me a good rush, and there is nothing better than trying to beat them at there own game. Don’t bitch and moan to teekay, he is actually trying to do some good, and by starting having non-couriers racing in the alleycats up here from start (as they are new, and the whole poo-poo legacy isn’t around) it can only be good.

PLus, as the number of couriers is small, the increase in numbers from non-couriers is apealing. Well, thats my morning rant…

I was just asking. Seemed like an odd thing to say that’s all.

How can people ‘respect our way of doing things’ if they don’t know what that means?

Go and get some more volleys you cranky bastard :slight_smile:

From what ive seen*, non-courier winners being ‘overlooked’ in the final results…

Alley-cats are fun! But i have seen them degenerate into pose-whore festivals, hmm? Then its no fun for the out-ies… and reflects badly on the ‘courier scene’, whatever that may be.

Who cares… bikes-r-fun…

*conditions apply.